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Super Rapid Release
ak47 style 
SKS mag release

SRR SuperRapidRelease SKS magazine release

SRR allows you to change magazines with one hand.  No more fumbling with stripper clips.  Makes for a smooth and easy magazine change. One press of the SRR in a forward motion similar to the AK style, releases the old magazine and allows you to quickly and easily pop in another full magazine.  Drop the bolt and you are ready to fire. Easy to install written instructions with photos as well as an installation video. Once installed it makes your SKS Rifle look and feel more modern. SRR does NOT require any fitting.  Slides right in, to replace original magazine release.  The SRR can be used with all SKS Magazines, plastic, metal and duck bills, too!  Attaches to other SKS and type-56 frames.  You can also change stocks while the SRR is attached with no problem. The SRR is very light weight, less than an ounce so it does not add weight to your SKS!

    ** SRR will not work with ‘D’ and  ‘M’ model SKS or any  SKS  modified to take AK Mags **


               MADE IN USA 



This accessory mount  allows you to add a light or bipod to your SKS


Bayonet Lug Picatinny

Accessory Mount


Bayonet bi pod 3.jpg
Bayonet Picatiny with bipod_edited.jpg
Bayonet bi pod.jpg

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July 2021

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SKS "One handed" SRR Super Rapid Release

mag release  

Super Rapid Release


Make your SKS RUN!!!

Super Rapid Release 

for your SKS


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